Where Are the Concerts?

San Juan IslandsHappy Seattle summer, classical music lovers!

After three years of maintaining the concert calendar, I’ve been slowly winding it down and will not be posting events for the upcoming concert season. Thank you for all your support throughout this project! It’s been wonderful to hear from so many local classical music fans. I feel confident that the community is in good hands.

I’m delighted to send you over to my friends at the Live Music Project, another online community dedicated to classical music concerts in Seattle. Search and browse for performances on their concert calendar, or submit an event of your own. Sign up for the email newsletter, which is chock full of everything you need to get your classical music fix for the week. And don’t miss Spontaneous Free Tickets – win a chance to see your favorite local musicians and ensembles for free!

Thanks again for supporting Classical Seattle. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!